Monday, 4 July 2011

What are the main applications for tungsten carbide?

Tungsten Carbide

We use Tungsten Carbide every day in a variety of products, for use in a number of different applications throughout many industries. It is an incredibly versatile and useful material due to its unique properties.
There are many different applications within the Oil and Gas Industry from exploration to drilling and pumping where hard and exotic materials are commonly used.

This is partly due to the hostile subsea environment that they operate in and the length of time the components are required to perform without any issues, but also because of the accuracy and tolerance that can be achieved and maintained in hard materials.

Many of the components used in these applications are made from Tungsten Carbide due to its superior strength and stiffness, excellent reliability and abrasive wear resistance. Silicon Carbide is also common in certain applications.

We manufacture various Tungsten Carbide components designed for the oil industry, including;

•Carbide wear parts
•Carbide seal rings
•Design specific piston and valve components

Our experience within this industry has taught us how valuable product life is. We would usually make suggestions from a variety of available Carbides, the most suitable material for harsh working environments such as subsea and/or continual wearing.

In subsea environments Nickel Carbide provides reliable durability, therefore reducing expensive downtime due to replacement or repair.

We are positive that we can provide a more efficient, longer lasting solution to suit your requirements.

We also pride ourselves on the ability to craft compact Tungsten Carbide gas components including;

•Carbide flow parts
•Carbide flow trim
•Carbide seat components and assemblies

Tungsten Carbide is a perfect material for use in challenging wear applications such as the control of material flows in pumps.